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Centerpiece of design

Building a new residence or seasonal home? Let Faloh inspire the design – a real conversation starter, Faloh is built for the spotlight.

There is, quite simply, no substitute for quality.
From the drawing board to the final stages of new home construction, unmistakable distinctive quality goes into every home we build. 
Quality in materials, building processes and the latest techniques. Because quality is the craftsman’s product. Which is why every practice is scrutinized with your satisfaction as the final measurement. The result is amazing value. Which can be seen in every square inch of your custom home. And in every second of every day you spend there.
Because Faloh Corp never forgets that there is no imitation, gloss or superlative that can match the persuasive truth of quality.


When it comes to building interiors of distinction our designs team goes far beyond the norm!  Distinctive interior finishes and attention to detail is our trademark. Your 10X home is taken from the drawing board to completion with our reassuring to know that all the residences we build receive our passion for quality and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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